Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hi lovely readers, today I wanted to share with you a very practical and nice tool that you can use for creating beautiful thumbnails for your YouTube or social media page or just to make a nice little ad for your company. It's called FotoJet and I already wrote a post about it, read it here. This time it's going to be a little more professional ;) 

Check out FotoJet for yourself. 

I decided to use it for making thumbnails for my Fiverr jobs. Maybe you've heard about this website before, you can earn money so fast on there by doing jobs like online translations or transcriptions or whatever you're good at. And with FotoJet creating beautiful little picture that attract customers can be made so much easier!

I wanted this design for a creative job to look really lovely, so I added a photo of some flowers in the background and inserted a cute font in the middle of the picture. Nothing more, it's really easy!

This imagine contains a little hot air balloon and a laptop in the front part of the picture. You see, my designs always consist of two or three items. Keeping it simple can be good sometimes!

This thumbnail creates the vibe related to reading the news. A newspaper or magazine, a hot cup of coffee and some decoration.

This is a more original design and I guess it's pretty self explanatory...;)

This picture was the most fun to design and it was the first one I made! I wanted it to look cool and stylish.

I wanted this thumbnail to look all blingy so it would catch attention. And it works! This is my most requested job on Fiverr up to now.

This again pretty much explains itself again. It was made to look old-fashioned and the image of a typewriter fitted perfectly!

I really hope you liked my examples. If you want to try to create beautiful thumbnails yourself, head over to FotoJet and just start designing. You'll be amazed at the possibilities!


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