Thursday, 24 September 2015

Please excuse my late writing. I know it's been quite a while since I have blogged and I'm really sorry. So last week I took a short trip to France and since France is always worth a trip I will of course write about it and post some pictures.

I visited the Deauville American film festival like last year, and on Sunday I enjoyed a (much too short) day in Paris which was wonderful.

I don't really know why, but every time I arrive at Deauville it always feels like I'm at home again.
In the afternoon we went to Cabourg, a lovely city near Deauville and there's this place at the beach where it feels like the whole sky is in front of you and everything in this world is complete.
You can see that in the middle of this post and on the pics it's not even close to the real view.

At the festival itself I didn't really see anything exciting, red carpets were almost empty when I was there, a total contrast to last time, but it was a great atmosphere nonetheless.

The bad thing about weekend trips is that they are just too short.
After visiting most of my favourite places in Normandy we were off to Paris on Sunday morning.
Didn't have the best weather but didn't care.
I haven't really seen a lot of the city this time but I've never had a better day there ;)

What I'm wearing:
1st outfit
jacket - Tally Weijl
blouse - H&M
pants - H&M
shoes - Marc Adam
bag - David Jones
scarf - Adagio

2nd outfit
skirt - Tk Maxx
sweater - local shop
shoes - Bugatti

3rd outfit
sweater - Tk Maxx
skirt - H&M
scarf - local shop

croissant and coffee

Deauville welcome sign



Deauville France


fashion blogger


Deauville housesDeauville

Deauville film festival

Deauville beach


Deauville film festival American flag

Deauville film festival red carpet

Deauville film festival

blue boat




Deauville beach


striped skirt



Cabourg grand hotel



casino Cabourg


sky view

paris memories




cara delevingne

dior poster

chanel poster

eiffel tower

paris postcards

eiffel tower

paris view

paris rooftops


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hello dear readers,
today I'm gonna show you some amazing thing called Fotojet.
If you haven't you should surely check it out as fast as you can because it's a great website that will help you create awesome collages and pretty photos!

There are many different things you can do with Fotojet as you'll see now.

1. You can create collages
First, you chose one out of more than 460 templates (if you want) and chose the photos you want to have in there. You'll see the photos you chose on the left side while you can insert them into the different frames in your project. You can also adjust things like brightness, contrast and colour.


photo editor
2. You can create your own Facebook cover photos and posts
Well, as a blogger this is my favourite option, since here you can create your own beautiful headers for your Facebook page and catchy photos for your posts!
If you want, have a look at my Facebook page, I made my header with Fotojet!

3. You can create comics, funny photos and photo cards
These are perfect little extras you can use in every situation in life. Surprise your friends with pretty seasonal cards for Thanksgiving, Halloween or Christmas. They'll love them!

Fotojet is the perfect tool for making your blog even more pretty!
Best thing is, it's totally free!

I made some more examples:


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